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Dear Customer,

When we opened shop almost 50 years ago, NASA was new. The Astrodome was called Harris County Domed Stadium. And all across Houston automotive repair was still a prestigious, personal and proud business--every customer treated with respect and attention to detail. Houston has changed; but our standards haven't.

My two sons and I are committed to this business--committed to you--and have taken your needs seriously for decades. We're thankful to have your business, and will continue to work harder than our competitors to take the stress out of repair and maintenance.

I know your day doesn't revolve around getting your car worked on (except for some of my car crazy customers--you know who you are). But ours does; this business is our life. We love it--and that's why we've stood the test of time.

Thanks for your continued patronage.

Manual Garcia, Proprietor
Downtown Radiator & Automotive

P.S. Check out what Radiator Core magazine had to say about us a few years back:

Exerpt from "Radiator Core"

Downtown Radiator, located at 505 Fairview Drive in Houston, Texas has been doing the radiator and heater repair work for City Wide Paint & Body Shop for over ten years, Cesar Morin said, " I've tried other radiator shops but I always go back to Manuel. Others come by and say they can do the job cheaper or faster, and I say that I am not interested. Manuel is prompt and does quality work . How can you beat that?"

Manuel Garcia runs Downtown Radiator with the same philosophy that Cesar Morin operates City Wide Pain & Body. Manuel doesn't skimp on materials, he takes his time and sees that the job is done right. When working on Mercades, Manuel recommends taking a lot of time and using top quality Daniel cores.

Downtown Radiator offers complete radiator and heater services for automibles and trucks. They also do some industrial work. The majority of the shop's radiator business is wholesale, coming from local dealerships.

Seven employees work swiftly and efficiently to repair the 30 to 45 radiators that come in every day. Three trucks cover a 20 mile radius to make the many deliveries and pickups.

Manuel keeps a stock of all types of Daniel products including the popular Daniel "VT" cores.

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